Friday, December 16, 2005
Samorost 2
The people who gave us the great casual web/online game Samorost have done it again, they are
back with Samorost 2. I just started with it, ok at the moment I am stuck on the pipeline. Got to figure out what to do with that fly...well, back to these games.

So they are called Amanita Design and have som other great web games, just click the link Flash Games


:: To be honest, I have not yet played the first Samorost, I learned about it today. But I will continue playing the first after I have cracked the current one I am doing. I had a sneak preview of it already, looks promising:

:: Back to Samorost 2; it's a free Flash game, at least chapter one is, chapter 2 is 9.90 US. The design and graphics is nice and playful, it keeps you hooked.

The little guy - you - is just too cool!

Happy playing..!

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