Sunday, February 27, 2005
Generat traffic to your Blog with friendly BlogExplosion

I have now been using the great service called BlogExplosion for about a week. It's going to sound like I am selling a product here, but I can not say anything else then great stuff about it. I found that even the members are all making it a friendly and interesting community to be in. Really nice! If you're a friendly individual ;-), you have a Blog and you want more traffic, check it out!
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Create fonts, Explorer, best Flash movie, Oscar and Paris Hilton

:: http://www.pentacom.jp/soft/ex/font/edit.html - Create your own bit fonts here and save the ttf file to your PC

:: http://www.explorerxp.com/index.html - A great free Explorer-type software called ExplorerXP can be downloaded from here.

:: http://www.tgsnt.com/tgsnt_II/pca/index.html - "The greatest story never told" is where you can vote for your favorite Flash movie. Do it here.

:: http://oscar.com/ - "...and the winner is...", yes you can figure out where this goes.

:: http://www.parishiltonsmobile.com/ - If you managed not to hear about Paris Hilton's hacked phone...well here it is.

Blogger have commenting - HaloScan R.I.P.

I am just checking how the comments work...

...OK, it seems to work fine. I have removed the HaloScan comments service (lost all comments!!!) from the template and re-published it all. HaloScan is very nice but I prefer to stick with internal solutions. If you have a blog with no comments (or you want it in your own site), I can recommend it.

Friday, February 25, 2005
Get Detailed Statistics in real-time for free

I have now been using this internet web statistics service/tool called StatCounter.com and I now understand why it keeps getting awards and great reviews (Internet Magazine, Tucows etc) - it's just great and completely free.

You only need to register, do basic setup and add the generated snippet to your site. That's it, sit back and learn more about your visitors.

:: Here are some of the features (taken from StatCounter.com):
- Completely Free, Fast, Responsive, Quick loading and Reliable Service
- Invisible Tracking
- no ads on your website
- Accurate real-time website statistics with detailed visitor tracking and analysis
- Detailed breakdown of pageloads, unique, first-time and returning visitors
- Popular Pages - what webpages get viewed and what ones don't
- Zoom in on your visitors' locations and watch in real-time as they navigate through your website!
- Search Engine/Keyword Analysis
- what keywords are people using to find your site?
- Drill Down - Incredibly Powerful Tool. What navigation paths, referring links and keywords are leading to conversions?
- Do you have multiple websites? Manage them all from one account
- Configure email stat reports to be delivered to you and your clients
- Grant individual user access to your staff or clients
- Enable public or private website stats
- Incredibly easy to use
- no software to install or huge log files to parse
- Referring links - do you know how your visitors are finding your site?
- Country Stats - does your website have a lot of international visitors? What percentage of domestic visitors do you get?
- Browser/Resolution Info
- is your website optimized for your visitors?

I can really recommend StatCounter to anybody who wants detailed statistics in real-time!

Monday, February 21, 2005
News Review #1

Now and then I'll try to write and comment IT related news. Here is the first post. These news are all taken from the Swedish magazine called "Computer Sweden":

:: Nokia through out Explorer:
Since a couple of months ago the employees of Nokia (55000!) are using the web browser Firefox. More and more companies are doing the same due to the security holes of MS Explorer. Microsoft is answering this by releasing a new version of their browser (which they said they wouldn't do earlier) by summer.

(I wrote a little message earlier the MS is buying up security companies...)

:: No plans for Microsoft to move from Denmark
The 15th of February a rumour spread saying the MS would stop the Navision-center if EU wouldn't legalize software patents. The day after MS is calling it all speculations and even the Danish prime-minister is taking distance from the rumours.

(I have been following the software patents battle in earlier posts...)

:: Sony Ericsson will soon have a Walkman-cellular
Sony Ericsson will have a new "walkman" model out within a couple of weeks.

:: Swedish search engine bought by American Interchange
The Swedish search engine Inspire is bought by Interchange.

(The search engine market is apparently still hot business)

Software Patents Outcome

To get back about the EU software patents directive and the proposal to have it "legalized" in EU. It was a reading the 2nd and 3rd of February 2005 and the outcome was the following (quoted from my contact in the EU Parliament):

“…The Legal Affairs Committee (JURI) of the European Parliament decided today to apply the article 55.1. (see below) of the Rules of Procedure and ask for a new first reading on the Computer-Implemented Inventions directive. The decision was reached with an overwhelming majority of the Committee, and with the support of all major political groups. Before taking the decision, the Committee had an exchange of views with Commissioner McCreevy, during which the majority of Members asked the Commission to withdraw its proposal due to the institutional blockage it has created…”

Rule 55
Renewed referral to Parliament
Codecision procedure
1. The President shall, at the request of the committee responsible, ask the Commission to refer its proposal again to Parliament
- where the Commission withdraws its initial proposal after Parliament has adopted its position in order to replace it with another text, except where this is done in order to incorporate Parliament's amendments; or
- where the Commission substantially amends or intends to amend its initial proposal, except where this is done in order to incorporate Parliament's amendments; or
- where, through the passage of time or changes in circumstances, the nature of the problem with which the proposal is concerned substantially changes; or
- where new elections to Parliament have taken place since it adopted its position, and the Conference of Presidents considers it desirable.

Any comments about making it fully possible to take patents on software/application solutions?


Could this be the next super-star? He is really going for a super preformance...Click the image to see the clip!
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Monday, February 14, 2005
What happened that day?

I just wanted to share this cool link. Just select a date (your birthday etc) and whappash you have a list of other people birthdays, people who died that day, important historical happenings...etc. Pretty handy to have somewhere buried in your bookmarks...


Friday, February 11, 2005
How to become a market leader

So Microsoft bought another company. This time it's one called Sybari (no, not the car brand) which is...sorry...was providing antivirus solutions and applications. If this deal goes through, it will be the third (the others are GeCAD and Giant Company Software) antivirus company taken over by Microsoft.

With this Microsoft will compete with companies like Symantec, McAfee and F-Secure. My concern is, is this really honest? I mean the competitors to Microsoft worked their way up in this specific market, branch and here you have a giant with loads of cash just buying its way in...don't know. The legal instances should see this, right? It's not always the one with the know-how and skills nor the one with the best solutions that necessarily is market leader. This is no news though, look at so many Microsoft products. Are we in the grey zone of monopoly (don’t mean the game)?

...and for us who’s not got the cash (yet), we’ll just make sure we’ll get the know-how and skills and provide great solutions and wait for that moment when a huge company buys us out so that we’ll have loads of cash to buy other companies to compete with....

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