Friday, December 31, 2004
A must have

It's finally here, the mega cool cell phone Neonode N1 (and I read that the N2 is expected in 2005). The size of a credit card, runs with MS CE, 2mm thick touch screen, camera, Internet, MMS, SMS, play MP3, you can even watch DIVX movies on it...the works. MUST HAVE!

I have actually heard about this for a long time, when it was on planning stage. How is this possible? well, I know the guy who started this project!

Have a look at it here http://www.neonode.com

Thursday, December 23, 2004
Software Patents - from bad to worse!

So, I wrote an little article here (on the 20th of April) about my worries on the software patents. An absolute absurb proposal. It's gone from bad to worse, there are actually already accepted patents and some cases already ended in favor for companies and individuals who is the owner of the patent. I wonder if people REALLY know the importance of this issue, this HUGE problem. Think about it; almost every shopping site will have 'problems' if a case is filed against the owner of the site. Scary!

Anyway, there is a great site, and organization, which highlights and inform us about this problem. This will hit back on all of us in a near future. Please have a look at www.nosoftwarepatents.com and, even better, support them like I did...

Sunday, December 05, 2004
I am working on it...

OK, enough about politics. It just brings me down to see where it fails so incredibly much. I can not promise I'll never write about politics again, but I DO promise only to write about it when it's absolutely neccessary to...well, get if off my chest.

So, what's been happening lately. A lot, maybe too much. It seems I do not have any time left for doing some blogging. Well, I have to start prioritize I think. Any suggestions?

Actually I have so much to write about, just need to get it all sorted. I am working on it.

For today I just have a cool link for you; it's this http://www.readthefuckingmanual.co.uk/ I strongly suggest you to visit it if you're into development (especially web and JavaScript). The site has a cool attitude and you'll maybe learn something too.

That's all for now.

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