Friday, April 29, 2005
Spell Google wrong and you might get virus

Just saw an interesting article in the Swedish newsletter Uppsnappat. It's about another way of spreading Trojans, virus, worms etc. According to F-Secure internet users could get Trojans if they by mistake spell google.com wrong. One example is the site googkle.com (do NOT try this one now ;)). These boys picked a name which is easy to accidentally type since 'k' is just next to 'l'.

F-Secure reports that the visitors will get pop-up links which leads to websites trying to install Trojans. Apparently they are to be of the 'phishing' type and were created to especially get details about internet banks from the visitor. Another is reported to show false virus warning messages to get users to visit links which will only lead to new infected websites.

Sunday, April 24, 2005
News Review #2

:: Microsoft will Support Linux (IDG News)
First news that MS will support Linux will be included in Server 2005 SP 1 and the tool called Virtual Server. It's scheduled to be delivered end of this year.

With this support it makes it possible to run several virtual servers from one physical server. According to Steve Ballmer this makes it possible to administrate environments with different operating system installed, such as Linux.

:: MySQL against Software Patent (EWeek)
In an interview with the founders of the database product MySQL David Axmark and Michael Widenius criticise the software patent proposal. According to them it's negative for innovation. A good example of this is the law suit against Blackberry where fees on 450 million dollar had to be paid just because it's possible to send e-mail with it.

:: Adobe buys Macromedia
It's now settled, Adobe will buy Macromedia for 3.4 billion dollars.

:: IBM Re-organize in Europe (Wirtschafstwoche)
IBM is planning to re-organize in Europe. 2500 jobs will be 'moved' to east-European countries where the costs (salaries) are lower.


Thursday, April 14, 2005
...and this is why.

A HUGE bug in the latest Windows update for Windows 2000! You might be interested in this...

Today, just a couple of hours ago my machine was notified that there are new updates to install. I received an email warning about rebooting the system after the installation. It causes an memory error message and from there you can not do very much. If this happens you probably have to re-install the OS.

Now, with a little bit of luck I found the issue, or rather where the issue is located. Even better I also found out a fix for it. Before you reboot your machine you need to manually go an remove (from Add/Remove programs) the update named KB8930086. There are some dependencies (KB842773 etc) accept these also and, once prompted, it now should be safe to reboot.


Monday, April 11, 2005
Happy One Year!!!

I just saw that my blog is one year old. In fact it was one year the 1st of April. No, it's not an April fool's joke...

Happy birthday (and 10 days) to me...

Now I have to go and eat my birthday cake and blow out the one candle. I guess an extra cup of coffee will also do. ;-)


Sunday, April 10, 2005
Fun links #2
:: FUNNY movie clip
If you've seen the Rocky movies you'll laugh to this...guaranteed.
- http://theteatime.free.fr/talc/rocky.html

:: Are these for real?
I have no words for these. Well what can you say about a society dedicated to ...ehhh... clouds? Or the next one who love colours. But the most pathetic one must be the pro-america clip. It just crack me up, it must be meant as a joke...
- http://www.cloudappreciationsociety.org/
- http://colourlovers.com/
- http://americawestandasone.com/video.html

:: Aril fool's day joke list
- http://urgo.org/aprilfools.html


Monday, April 04, 2005
R.I.P Karol Wojtyla

from www.dn.se
After some time of sickness Karol passed away age 84. I am NOT catholic (I am not religious at all for that matter. What is being religious anyway?). So, who is Karol Wojtyla, a normal polish person? In fact, yes. At least until 1978 when he was elected to pope and became Pope John Paul II. In fact I don't know too much about Karol before he died.

Anyway, I have to admire Karol, to be the first non italic pope since 1522. He did 104 official visits abroad and met more leaders than anybody else (he even met the person who tried to kill him in 1981!). So this man did a lot of good (no wonder, he is the man of god;-)) but he also, to me, had a lot of strange and old fashioned views; like he kept on condemning homosexuality (in an official letter he referred them as 'il male'- the evil) and was strongly against abortion.

So now, after 26 years as pope (only one has been longer - Pius IX with 32 years) it's over. I wonder who the next will be? What will he be called,
John Paul III? Can a woman become a pope?

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