Wednesday, August 23, 2006
Big news for Lumberjacks...

The official tree-cutting championship was held last week in the Estonian town Otepää. It was the 27th time; the first tree-cutting world championship was held 1970.

28 countries and 80 participants were present to compete for the gold.

The participants were competing in 5 different areas, such as tree cutting, trimming of trees, changing chainsaw chains. The winner is the one who scores the best totally in these areas.

Before it started the big favourites were of course (?) the Russian Ilya Shvetsov and Vadim Imankulov and the German Gottfried Schädlich. However, no one of these got any medals; it went instead to the Italian chainsaw-virtuoso Johann Raffl.

Hang on...are there actually people giving a crap...how can this be "big" news in a newspaper?

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