Wednesday, September 28, 2005
Are You an Illustrator?

So, I was surfin' the great world weird web, reading some blogs in general. Of course I have to pass by some friends and one in special. I really like those illustrations. Got me thinking though; is it really that difficult, do you need all the professional tools like drawing pads, special software, experience..?

I think not, you just need to be creative. Have a look at this great illustration. That's another thing; you need to find something you do want to illustrate. I fell in the staircase the other day and hurt my foot. Perfect thing to illustrate! My creative mind started racing. I think this illustration answers all questions; "an image says more than a thousand words..."

Need an illustrator>

How did I create this great illustration? Did I use expensive equipment? Do I have years of experience? Nope, and yet I was able to do this. It only took me 10 minutes using only Paint...who could have guessed that?

No, no, no! Now to the actual point of this post! YES you do need a lot of everything - you need a good drawing pad, good software, a lot of experience and, maybe the most important thing, TALENT! You can sit with the best equipment for years and it still looks like crap. That's what I did found while surfin' blogs. There are a lot of them out there trying to do it, thinking it really looks great. If I would give an advice, do not bother or keep it for your self until it does look professional. Spend the time writing instead, get the layout nice and clean because it puts people off to have images, animations and what ever clogging the page. Read up on basic web design and color usage!

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005
I Finally Fixed It!

Yes, I am very pleased. As you might have noticed the first post always started with a huge blank area. I knew it had something to do with the menu layer on the right side. Probably something with DIV size, float right or well, just a typo mess-up. Anyways it annoyed me every time I had to look at it...until today.

I finally grabbed the horn by the bull..ehhh. Well, actually that's what I did, in a way. I started out trying to fix how it was. I fiddled around with the sizes, found a setting in Blogger to turn off the use of float and then tried to fix it from there, analyzed the code. But in the end I got really tired of all the hassle - I copied the code, pasted it in Dreamweaver MX and started from scratch! I saw that the menu to the right is actually inside the main DIV layer. Hum, why not just "lift" the whole menu layer out from the main layer? I tried it, did some final fixes...and, 37 minutes later, here is the result! It's also looking fine both in Firefox and MS IE - I am pretty happy.

Next thing is to start working on the logo. Anyday now...sure I will...promise...


Friday, September 23, 2005
Rust In Peace
It's done, it's over. It's a sad, sad day today. My Niva
is sold.

What a brilliant ca...ehh...vehicle you were. I only have
the best of memories my dear little Russian friend. You came into my life at
the same time when my life changed, just before so much happend. Together we
share those great memories. Is that why I feel so much? Sure, but also because
you absolutely ROCK!

I will miss you greatly!


Friday, September 16, 2005
Bathroom Break

So, the UN top meeting is well on its way. All the top leaders are there, only the very important issues are on the agenda. Very intense! Some people can not hold it, some people need to go to the bathroom! Some...ONE person can not take this decision himself. I have the picture to prove it!

In the middle of the meeting George writes a note to Rice and hands it over. I'd love to see her face when reading these words "I think I may need a bathroom break. Is it possi..."

It makes me wonder ... well ... WHAT?! Where do I start? Here we have one of the most powerful (or so they say) person in the world! decisions, decisions...

As found at http://www.svd.se

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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Some time ago I wrote about the 16 year old boy who hacked into several servers (NASA, FBI etc).

Well, by chance I came across this article about the top secret elite hacker group. Their task is basically to defend the network against hack attacks, but also to carry out "attacks" themselves, even though it's never admitted. Apparently it's a group of people from FBI, CIA, NSA...very secret. Very James Bond. They are known as, since March 2005, the JFCCNW - Functional Command for Network Warfare.

It was also mentioned that "some civilians" are included in this "formidable hacker posse". THAT made me wonder, thinking back on the post I wrote about the boy. I am pretty sure there are young "talents" out there with similar "knowledge" who's now sitting, rubbing their shoulders with an FBI agent. Their enemy #1 in youngER years!

Read the article, it's really interesting. Do not forget to clear all cookies and close the browser when done. You never know who's watching....just a joke :)

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