Saturday, April 17, 2004
Contact The Lone Code Man!!!

Now you're able to send me an email...and please do so!

Just a couple of words about it...
* If you're thinking of spam me, or send any other not related content (bying, selling, virus etc.), please don't. Remember I am the Code Slinger, the Lone Code Man...I WILL find you and track you down...and also do I have to inform you, this is NOT my primary email account.
* What I do find interesting is any kind of feedback (bad or good) on my blog, any IT related topic, IT projects, IT problems/questions and money ;-)
* If I recieve too much junk, I'll remove it.

* Just click the Contact me link in the menu to the right ------>

* Just added the possibility to also comment posts!!!

Hope to hear from you!

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