Wednesday, September 15, 2004
Am I still in high school?

First, sorry for being away so long - I thought I was busy already, but the last weeks have been just CRAZY...

I finally moved into the house. Most of the stuff is roughly getting sorted. It was taking way more time then expected...plus all the other suff going on. Why is it that everything comes at the same time? My office is basically ready - all painted and cupboards on place. All the PC stuff is also put on place and setup ready to use. The last thing was getting the internet (ADSL) back up again. Let me just say that the phone company had to come twice and I had to pull new cables and set it all up. Not easy if you live in a house with 3 floors and pull the cable all the way up (to the office) nicely. You don't wanna have it in the stairway...it's a long way down if you would trip and fall.

I also during this time managed to get sick...twice. Not so nice, first throut infection, then I got the flue. The worst flue ever...at the same time I was busy moving!!!

Anyway, moving on...

So, what I was going to write about is what lately is REALLY bugging me, pissing me off to the limit of bursting! So, at work there's been holiday season. So also for me (eventhough it's a hazel everytime I request it...another story) and within this time I am moving, getting sick so I have been away from work more then I'd like. THEN the first day back at work I get shit for it. I mentioned that, except for the holidays, I also felt bad but I couldn't do anything about it. I was SICK! I also mentioned concerning holiday, I already moved it to fit in for the rest of the team. I also have to add to it all that I am on parental leave - taking every monday off for my kid. Which was never really accepted! My manager continued saying; since you're not here (referring to parental leave and sickness I guess?) I need to take over for a collegue who is going on holiday for 3 weeks(!). I have to focus on taking over his support tasks. No problems there but also to share my development tasks to others and not to take any new development while I am covering for the support guy.

"What the heck is happening!", I was thinking to my self. they want me away. I want to quit right here and now. Where is the respect? I am supposed to share the support with another collegue, but why is that person still doing development (I think)? It's like I am getting punished for not being at work enough..?

I responded saying simply I have been sick, it was not my choice and that I also feel bad for that. The response back from the manager is "sure, I believe you...". WHAT? Then I was thinking, you really have problems...why would you NOT believe me, are we in high school, you think I do it to skip work? Unbelievable??? And this comes from a manager in 2004! I've been working here for 4 years, always had great points on the evaluations and now I am going "skipping school". I am speachless.

Why not share the support. I have no problems working in a team and backup for others but do it fare to all. What do "they" think they will achieve? This will just lead to de-motivation. If this is going to contine after my collegue is back from holiday, I'll have a serious talk.

Please comment this, have you had/have simular experiences. I am sure I'll come back to this again...

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