Friday, February 25, 2005
Get Detailed Statistics in real-time for free

I have now been using this internet web statistics service/tool called StatCounter.com and I now understand why it keeps getting awards and great reviews (Internet Magazine, Tucows etc) - it's just great and completely free.

You only need to register, do basic setup and add the generated snippet to your site. That's it, sit back and learn more about your visitors.

:: Here are some of the features (taken from StatCounter.com):
- Completely Free, Fast, Responsive, Quick loading and Reliable Service
- Invisible Tracking
- no ads on your website
- Accurate real-time website statistics with detailed visitor tracking and analysis
- Detailed breakdown of pageloads, unique, first-time and returning visitors
- Popular Pages - what webpages get viewed and what ones don't
- Zoom in on your visitors' locations and watch in real-time as they navigate through your website!
- Search Engine/Keyword Analysis
- what keywords are people using to find your site?
- Drill Down - Incredibly Powerful Tool. What navigation paths, referring links and keywords are leading to conversions?
- Do you have multiple websites? Manage them all from one account
- Configure email stat reports to be delivered to you and your clients
- Grant individual user access to your staff or clients
- Enable public or private website stats
- Incredibly easy to use
- no software to install or huge log files to parse
- Referring links - do you know how your visitors are finding your site?
- Country Stats - does your website have a lot of international visitors? What percentage of domestic visitors do you get?
- Browser/Resolution Info
- is your website optimized for your visitors?

I can really recommend StatCounter to anybody who wants detailed statistics in real-time!


I visited your page after you commented on Health-Hack.com. Stat Counter looks interesting. I just installed it (invisibly) on HHDC. I already have OK stats reporting through my host (dreamhost, 2 thumbs up), but I like the idea of getting stats in real-time instead of just daily.

Thanks for the resource, and good luck!

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