Friday, February 11, 2005
How to become a market leader

So Microsoft bought another company. This time it's one called Sybari (no, not the car brand) which is...sorry...was providing antivirus solutions and applications. If this deal goes through, it will be the third (the others are GeCAD and Giant Company Software) antivirus company taken over by Microsoft.

With this Microsoft will compete with companies like Symantec, McAfee and F-Secure. My concern is, is this really honest? I mean the competitors to Microsoft worked their way up in this specific market, branch and here you have a giant with loads of cash just buying its way in...don't know. The legal instances should see this, right? It's not always the one with the know-how and skills nor the one with the best solutions that necessarily is market leader. This is no news though, look at so many Microsoft products. Are we in the grey zone of monopoly (don’t mean the game)?

...and for us who’s not got the cash (yet), we’ll just make sure we’ll get the know-how and skills and provide great solutions and wait for that moment when a huge company buys us out so that we’ll have loads of cash to buy other companies to compete with....

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