Monday, February 21, 2005
News Review #1

Now and then I'll try to write and comment IT related news. Here is the first post. These news are all taken from the Swedish magazine called "Computer Sweden":

:: Nokia through out Explorer:
Since a couple of months ago the employees of Nokia (55000!) are using the web browser Firefox. More and more companies are doing the same due to the security holes of MS Explorer. Microsoft is answering this by releasing a new version of their browser (which they said they wouldn't do earlier) by summer.

(I wrote a little message earlier the MS is buying up security companies...)

:: No plans for Microsoft to move from Denmark
The 15th of February a rumour spread saying the MS would stop the Navision-center if EU wouldn't legalize software patents. The day after MS is calling it all speculations and even the Danish prime-minister is taking distance from the rumours.

(I have been following the software patents battle in earlier posts...)

:: Sony Ericsson will soon have a Walkman-cellular
Sony Ericsson will have a new "walkman" model out within a couple of weeks.

:: Swedish search engine bought by American Interchange
The Swedish search engine Inspire is bought by Interchange.

(The search engine market is apparently still hot business)

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