Saturday, March 05, 2005
Disturbing news about Software patents proposal in EU

The software patent issue is really heating up in EU. What's happening there is nothing else than a crime, to be frank it sickens me!

As I've already mentioned, I am a supporter of NoSoftwarePatents.com and I just got an update from them. Since this issue is now making EU history (of stupidity in the most apalling and disturbing way) I am going to share the message with you.

:: Message starts:
"The political struggle over the EU software patent directive
is making EU history. EU Commissioner Charlie McCreevy, who
supports our opponents in an appalling way, told the press a
few days ago that this political process is in "chaos" without precedent in the history of the EU. That's the way it should be: A major injustice like software patents must not happen without strong resistance from responsible politicians and citizens."

:: What's happening in EU:
"...On Friday, Reuters reported that the EU Council has its proposal for the software patent directive on the agenda for Monday,
as an A item, which means "for debateless approval".
To be very precise, it's a proposal for a proposal. If it were
to be adopted, it still wouldn't become law. It would, however, become the EU Council's proposal that gets sent to the European Parliament, and that is a very important step toward a directive..."

:: Latest development on the proposal
"Now, the latest news is that Denmark will side with Poland (which is absolutely against the current proposal but said this week that it can't fight all alone), and those two countries, most probably with support from others, will stand up on Monday in the EU Council (the legislative body in which the EU member country governments cast their votes) and prevent a decision. Those countries will ask for a renegotiation so that Europe will hopefully see a much more balanced and well-thought-out directive on the patentability of software concepts and functionalities..."

Not giving to too much of this disturbing development, but there it is. The whole idea with EU and the it's setup is to have a democrasy in Europe, were the people also have a say. Well, that went out the door in this case. Call me naive; but maybe if this reaches enough people we could make a difference??? Would you please help and spread the awareness.

You can read about the latest development in detail here.

You can also read this rather amusing fake press release about the de-facto acquisition of a part of the European Commission by Microsoft here.

I finish this off with another citation from NoSoftwarePatents.com:
"Now let's see what happens on Monday in Brussels. We're in for a really big thing."

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