Monday, March 28, 2005
My Easter Weekend in Germany

For Easter weekend I went to Germany's oldest city Trier. It has really some interesting sights and historical buildings from the roman time. When walking around in the city/town, I couldn't help thinking about the latest book I read, the Da Vinci code. Don't know why, but that's what I was thinking about seeing the OLD churches, cathedrals etc. Trier is one of the first cities along the river Mousel coming from north (Koblenz is the last in the district). This district is THE wine area of Germany which gave a great view on the hill sides driving there.

On my way back, going north, I also stopped in Monschau, a great little German town/village close to the border of Belgium. This is a tiny little place, but a really nice spot. Over-looking the village, which is situated in a valley, there is a real genuine castle and right through it runs a river.

I’ll update this post with some of my pictures of Trier and Monschau soon…

I'm really curious about your Trier photos. I want to go there for ages as I'm very much interested in Roman history and especially engeneering.
Then this is the city for you. They indeed have a lot to see - roman bath- and heating building, cathedrals etc etc. I'll try to post pics by tonight (CET).
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