Thursday, March 17, 2005
New look, old engine - The Avant Browser

::Add-on Browser
The browsers are popping up everywhere. After having a look on a lot of them it seems they can be divided into two main groups - add-on browsers and 'stand alone' browsers. Add-on would be browsers which are based on 'stand alone' (Firefox, Opera and MS Internet Explorer etc) engines.

I am going to highlight one called Avant Browser; an add-on to MS Internet Explorer. If you're changing browser because of, let's say, security issues of MS Internet Explorer, do NOT chose this one. This is just if you want some new features and another look and feel.

:: Features
Avant Browser has useful functions, such as a pop-up blocker, grouped favorites, an RSS reader, and tabbed browsing. It also comes with a nice skin as default and you can choose from many skins in the Tools menu.

The tabbed-browsing feature lets you quickly switch among Web sites, rather than going through several browser instances in the taskbar. When you shut down the program, Avant Browser remembers which windows were open and launches them the next time it starts up. You also can automatically refresh all windows, or only the current one, at regular intervals. A simple pop-up blocker works OK, but not against some banners other pop-up methods.

If you want to have a 100% IE compatible browser with more functions and features, I’d recommend the Avant Browser.

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