Tuesday, March 01, 2005
The Predictable Oscar's

OK, it's done. The Oscar's have been handed out within the 26 categories. I especially like the 2 categories called Writing (adapted screen play) and Writing (original screen play). What the !@#% is that all about? I wonder if the person who wrote the original screen play will share the prize ...or at least have a part of it? I doubt it though.

For the best foreign language movies the Swedish one AS IT IS IN HEAVEN didn't win, it went to the predicted Spanish one. Anyways, cool to see that Clint Eastwood got 2 awards, even though his movie 'Million dollar baby' is, more or less, unknown to me. But now days I don't have too much time for movies, I am not in the loop any more. The movie

Another thing with Oscar's is the criticism it gets. Predictable (I wonder how the game predict the winners ended?), being too internal (I guess when selections for nominees are made etc) and the lack of interest from public; are some of what critics claim. Well, I partly have to agree to that. Let's say I would never select a certain movie over another based on number of Oscars it received.

BTW: What do you think about the site? Interesting choice of colours! Orange, green, pink and cyan...I can not stop being reminded about those cheap-under-the-belt kind of sites.

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