Thursday, March 03, 2005
REBOL - Scripting Internet
So, years ago, 2 or something like that, I was using this script language called Rebol. What function specifically I was working on, I don't remember. It's not important. Now, 2 days ago I had to do a quick 'little something'. By chance my thought went to Rebol and how it would fit perfectly for the task.

The 'little something' was basically to do checks on a set of .ASP files in different folders on multiple web servers. Aldready when writing the little function I was thinking I have to write about it here, Rebol is such a great environment. Everything about it - from installation to the functianllities...and the cost (free) .

Rebol offers a lot too - the free stuff; Core (command line environment) and View (GUI interface). The professional and enterprise products; Command (enterprise and professionals), SDK (developers) and finally even their own OS - Rebol/IOS. I've been using the Core and View and that's what I am going to write about here.

Just go to Rebol download, download the files accordingly, extract them and start. You'll be prompted for the basic settings when started up the first time. Core and View installed is taking less than 800 KB...

It's really easy, if you're somewhat into programming you'll get it in no time. What is so cool is...well...i quote Rebol.com "...You're already familiar with how web browsers let you surf the Internet. With REBOL you script the Internet." You have 14 standard protocols like http, pop, smtp, ftp, nntp, whois, finger built in, just use them without files or function declarations. If you want to send a message via SMTP, simply execute send CodeSlinger@send.com "this is a message". Couldn't be easier. To view an webpage execute print read http://thelonecodeman.blogspot.com or to save it locally execute write %file.htm read http://thelonecodeman.blogspot.com. That was just a scratch on the surface. You can do rather nice stuff, even CGI and execute scripts cross servers through http protocol etc. etc.

If you need a fast, easy scripting language have a look at it. I can recommend it for specific small network/internet functions. If you have questions, just drop me a line or comment and I'll try to answer.

very cool. i will have to check that out.
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