Thursday, April 14, 2005
...and this is why.

A HUGE bug in the latest Windows update for Windows 2000! You might be interested in this...

Today, just a couple of hours ago my machine was notified that there are new updates to install. I received an email warning about rebooting the system after the installation. It causes an memory error message and from there you can not do very much. If this happens you probably have to re-install the OS.

Now, with a little bit of luck I found the issue, or rather where the issue is located. Even better I also found out a fix for it. Before you reboot your machine you need to manually go an remove (from Add/Remove programs) the update named KB8930086. There are some dependencies (KB842773 etc) accept these also and, once prompted, it now should be safe to reboot.


This is not server2000, right? I haven't seen this error on server2k

no, only win 2000. Be careful though. It seems this error is dependant on what is currently opened during the installation process.
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