Sunday, April 24, 2005
News Review #2

:: Microsoft will Support Linux (IDG News)
First news that MS will support Linux will be included in Server 2005 SP 1 and the tool called Virtual Server. It's scheduled to be delivered end of this year.

With this support it makes it possible to run several virtual servers from one physical server. According to Steve Ballmer this makes it possible to administrate environments with different operating system installed, such as Linux.

:: MySQL against Software Patent (EWeek)
In an interview with the founders of the database product MySQL David Axmark and Michael Widenius criticise the software patent proposal. According to them it's negative for innovation. A good example of this is the law suit against Blackberry where fees on 450 million dollar had to be paid just because it's possible to send e-mail with it.

:: Adobe buys Macromedia
It's now settled, Adobe will buy Macromedia for 3.4 billion dollars.

:: IBM Re-organize in Europe (Wirtschafstwoche)
IBM is planning to re-organize in Europe. 2500 jobs will be 'moved' to east-European countries where the costs (salaries) are lower.


Adobe is buying Macromedia? Holy... how will that work now with the programs? Or are they keeping all of them? Still, it would be strange to have 2 of the same type of program...
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