Monday, April 04, 2005
R.I.P Karol Wojtyla

from www.dn.se
After some time of sickness Karol passed away age 84. I am NOT catholic (I am not religious at all for that matter. What is being religious anyway?). So, who is Karol Wojtyla, a normal polish person? In fact, yes. At least until 1978 when he was elected to pope and became Pope John Paul II. In fact I don't know too much about Karol before he died.

Anyway, I have to admire Karol, to be the first non italic pope since 1522. He did 104 official visits abroad and met more leaders than anybody else (he even met the person who tried to kill him in 1981!). So this man did a lot of good (no wonder, he is the man of god;-)) but he also, to me, had a lot of strange and old fashioned views; like he kept on condemning homosexuality (in an official letter he referred them as 'il male'- the evil) and was strongly against abortion.

So now, after 26 years as pope (only one has been longer - Pius IX with 32 years) it's over. I wonder who the next will be? What will he be called,
John Paul III? Can a woman become a pope?

personally, I would prefer a black female lesbian pope, with 4 children, all gotten without being married.
No a woman cannot be Pope and while his birth name may be Karol he is known as Pope John Paul II.
Actually anon a woman, technically, can be pope. Because and cardinal is eligible, and anyone can be apointed cardinal without having been a priest.

But I doubt that a woman will be pope.
"What is being religious anyway?"

I'm pretty much either an agnostic or a deist, but I enjoy Lutheran services. I recommend them.
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