Friday, April 29, 2005
Spell Google wrong and you might get virus

Just saw an interesting article in the Swedish newsletter Uppsnappat. It's about another way of spreading Trojans, virus, worms etc. According to F-Secure internet users could get Trojans if they by mistake spell google.com wrong. One example is the site googkle.com (do NOT try this one now ;)). These boys picked a name which is easy to accidentally type since 'k' is just next to 'l'.

F-Secure reports that the visitors will get pop-up links which leads to websites trying to install Trojans. Apparently they are to be of the 'phishing' type and were created to especially get details about internet banks from the visitor. Another is reported to show false virus warning messages to get users to visit links which will only lead to new infected websites.

Ugh. I've actually always thought about that though, if I type in a URL wrong... If someone has bought that domain to mess with people (like with viruses or porn or what-have-you). Looks like it does happen. Idiots. THey don't have better things to do with their time or money?
Good to know; Thanks.

I'm generally paranoid about firewalls, anti-virus, configs etc. and haven't had a hit for ages, but since I use google a lot I suppose I'd better watch out for typo troubles :)

"Howl @ The Moon!"
Codeman that article rocked man! It happens if you type in the wrong porn search, dont ask long story. Would you mind if I add you to my blog as a link?
i came across this at a freinds house a few days ago...he uses IE :?

some scary stuff!
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