Tuesday, June 28, 2005
e-Mail Post: Finally found it!

:: e-Mail Post Test
With this; I am checking if the e-mail posting works. This would be a
nice feature...if it would only work. Since I am lazy, I don't like
logging on to Blogger all the time, just to create a post. If this
works fine, I'll update this blog more frequently...I promise....I do,
I do....

:: Blank Area In Most Recent Post Issue
Also, something Blogger related, I finally figured out what the
problem was why the most recent post always gave me a whole area of
blanks, then only started the blog content at the end of the menu (the
menu layer to the right)!

Well, within the DIV layer called "post" Blogger adds a layer with
clear:both style in all posts. This added a area and "line" until the
end of the menu layer, but only for the most recent post. I was trying
for some time to bypass this by changing the style, change the
floating style...etc. This didn't do too much (but screw it even more
;) ).

Then(!), I was playing around in the .post style section. That proved
to be the source of the problem. I JUST needed to add .width=95% to
the style to solve it. Don't know if I screwed up the style previously
when editing it, but I don't think so...since TheLoneCodeman never,
ever screws up ;))

Take care!

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