Tuesday, June 14, 2005
Fedora Core 4 is here

We've heard about the next Windows version...for a long(horn) time. It's going to be released any time now. You just wait... In the meantime here is a product which is actually comming out with new realeases - Red Hat Fedora.

The latest Linux (free) version from Red Hat is here - the Fedora
Core 4. It's based on the Linux Kernel 2.6.11. Maybe the most interesting feature is that it now can use power processors and also run on 32-bit and 64-bit chips.

One of the many applications in this release is the Xen application - which makes it possible to run multiple operating systems - virtual installations. Xen is competing against VMware and MS virtual machine applications.

That's right! I remember hearing about longhorn AGES ago. What the hell happened to it?

It's sort of like Guns'n'Roses (or what's left of them) with their ...er.. I can't remember the name of the album... but it's been "in the making" for about 11 years... LOL
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