Thursday, June 16, 2005
The unwanted People

Yesterday evening THEY rang the doorbell! I've seen them before examining the area. Wanting new blood (not literally of course), more money, more power! I figured it was just a question of time. The time was yesterday and of course LATE evening at the worst timing - when putting my son to sleep!!! Briiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing, the doorbell went and uaaaaaaahhh went my son. For f@#$#$ sake!

No matter where you are, you will always find three things - Coca Cola, McDonald's and, this is the only BAD thing of the three, Jehovah's Witnesses. Doesn't matter,
you can be sitting on the most remote beach in Sierra Leone - one of the most poor country in the world - and all of a sudden a little boy is there asking me if I want to buy a bottle of Coke. That bottle of Coke tasted damn nice, I can tell you!

You can be driving for hours through the roughest and most remote area of the
Australian outback and all of a sudden you'll the M sign in the horizon. Two hours later you find you’re self driving up to McDonald's. That Big Mac tasted damn nice, I can tell you that!

THEN, where ever you live - Sweden, Belgium, USA, Australia or, I bet, even in Sierra Leone at the worst time, you'll have two people (why are they always at least two?) ringing your doorbell wanting to talk about the situation in the world (that's what they start with). Never will they say "Hi, we're from Jehovah's Witnesses and we want you in our sect! We refuse
giving blood to our sick children and you have to give us all your money too. Interested?". No, they start by wanting to have a dialog, first and only time; when you're hooked it's all a monolog! It’s always about the problems in the world. I actually had to ask them where they came from, even though I knew, and after a long "explanation" it was confirmed. Are they ashamed? Do they know that 99.9% of the people find them to be like hemorrhoids - a pain in the butt? I actually wonder how successful it can be, how many lost souls, depressed, weak people falls for it? Would you?

I think I will visit all 'churches' of Jehovah's Witnesses and ask them if they want to join my sect..ehh..Organization called PAJW - People Against Jehovah's Witnesses! Every week I'd go there at the worst time. Ohh, then I have to print out some flyers, create a logo... Cool!

How would the world look like without people to hate?

You should invite them in and then wait for them naked on the couch in your living room :)
Haha!! I like daldianus's idea :D

Yup. The are freggin' everywhere. Came to my door here a couple of times. Once I didn't answer.. the other time I told them I didn't speak Swedish (lie lie lie.. how would they know?)... but then they whipped out English pamphlets. Closed the door on them soon after. They wouldn't quit!

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