Friday, September 16, 2005
Bathroom Break

So, the UN top meeting is well on its way. All the top leaders are there, only the very important issues are on the agenda. Very intense! Some people can not hold it, some people need to go to the bathroom! Some...ONE person can not take this decision himself. I have the picture to prove it!

In the middle of the meeting George writes a note to Rice and hands it over. I'd love to see her face when reading these words "I think I may need a bathroom break. Is it possi..."

It makes me wonder ... well ... WHAT?! Where do I start? Here we have one of the most powerful (or so they say) person in the world! decisions, decisions...

As found at http://www.svd.se

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I know what you mean. Who knew the President had a bladder? Yet another sign of his unfitness for office. We only want non-Pee-ers.
well...pee-ers are fine, but it's scary to see he can not take the decision himself?
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