Tuesday, September 27, 2005
I Finally Fixed It!

Yes, I am very pleased. As you might have noticed the first post always started with a huge blank area. I knew it had something to do with the menu layer on the right side. Probably something with DIV size, float right or well, just a typo mess-up. Anyways it annoyed me every time I had to look at it...until today.

I finally grabbed the horn by the bull..ehhh. Well, actually that's what I did, in a way. I started out trying to fix how it was. I fiddled around with the sizes, found a setting in Blogger to turn off the use of float and then tried to fix it from there, analyzed the code. But in the end I got really tired of all the hassle - I copied the code, pasted it in Dreamweaver MX and started from scratch! I saw that the menu to the right is actually inside the main DIV layer. Hum, why not just "lift" the whole menu layer out from the main layer? I tried it, did some final fixes...and, 37 minutes later, here is the result! It's also looking fine both in Firefox and MS IE - I am pretty happy.

Next thing is to start working on the logo. Anyday now...sure I will...promise...


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