Thursday, September 01, 2005

Some time ago I wrote about the 16 year old boy who hacked into several servers (NASA, FBI etc).

Well, by chance I came across this article about the top secret elite hacker group. Their task is basically to defend the network against hack attacks, but also to carry out "attacks" themselves, even though it's never admitted. Apparently it's a group of people from FBI, CIA, NSA...very secret. Very James Bond. They are known as, since March 2005, the JFCCNW - Functional Command for Network Warfare.

It was also mentioned that "some civilians" are included in this "formidable hacker posse". THAT made me wonder, thinking back on the post I wrote about the boy. I am pretty sure there are young "talents" out there with similar "knowledge" who's now sitting, rubbing their shoulders with an FBI agent. Their enemy #1 in youngER years!

Read the article, it's really interesting. Do not forget to clear all cookies and close the browser when done. You never know who's watching....just a joke :)

hi... my blog 'JFCCNW.blogspot.com
... is there any way of finding out who these guys are?

i guess it must be highly classified stuff

but i will find out

you want in?
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