Tuesday, October 04, 2005
Cute Puppies For Sale!

A friend of a friend just got some puppies. Cute little puppies! For one or the other reason, all of them are still for sale. Wouldn't this be the perfect surprise for your little kid?

Imagine their faces when you bring home one (or MORE) of these. After a long day of playing (keep them away from cables, lamps, small animals, chairs, fabrics, anything made of glass, wood, plastic...) together; just picture your self seeing them cuddling up together.

They are only 10 Euro (or 2 US $ if you promise to keep them in US) each (can be discussed) or just 1 Euro for all of them (can also be discussed). If you also take their "mom" they're all for free (I am willing to pay, just to get rid of these giant rats!!!!!!!!). HELP!..


It's sooo creepy I actually get chills. I've seen that before though. Just... EWEWEWEWEWEW
So disturbing.
what is that ?
The face reminds me of a bovine, the way the arms and legs are bent, and the feet look human.

the skin and rest of the body look rubbery. This is definately some sort of hoax. It sure is an ugly hoax though! I know there are such things as hairless dogs, cats, rats, & guinea pigs. I just never saw anything like that!

That picture demanded a relook. Very strange.
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