Monday, January 30, 2006
Tagged for Experimental Pervasive Communication
I was 'tagged' by Howl@ the Moon to be in a little experiment. You can read all about it in the link below for details.

The only problem I have is to find 4 people to tag...if you're interested you can always comment this post and I'll add you!

Mother of all memes

1) I would like to see the Internet used to empower the individual.

2) I wish that everyone would recognize that we are all stuck on this planet together and we need to work with each other to be able to survive. We do not have a backup planet.

3) I believe the news media should present us with the actual facts of any news event, and allow each of us to decide how to interpret the facts, without the media filtering or slanting the information.

If you have been tagged on the following dates, report to the top post on less people less idiots, and enter the information requested.

Tag Dates:

Visit this page for more details.

The target sites I’ve selected to include in this little experiment are as follows:-

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