Monday, April 17, 2006
Wireless, funny how that is
so now I can be anywhere in the house connected to my little network or internet. I can move my "office" to any corner of my house...heck I can sit in the garden-house if I like. Actually this is witten and published sitting with the feet on the tv-table relaxed in my favorite sofa. It's possible due to the wireless "toys" I just got.

It's amazing how "the market" works. How a "need" is created. I mean I can still remember before the cell phone, how perfectly well I could manage not being arround the phone. I even remember before the e-mail...and that worked too. Are we that much more productive these days? Going back to the beginning of the cell phone; the first contact with it I still remember like it was yesterday - me and a couple of friends calling each other from one car to another asking if they could hear me ok. Same with e-mail; first sending it and then called the person asking if he got it. Funny how it goes.

I mean I am NOT against gadgets and technical progress. I do have some problems when people just can not use it correctly. One perfect example is having a VPN solution - remote connection - but the company policy is against people working from home!!!??? "Maybe you're not working when you're home"... Hahahaha, yes we're still at school. What a mentality!

This article took a different turn somewhere. Funny how that is...


Just make sure you have secured that wireless connection of yours TLC...

...otherwise you may find your neighbours looking over your shoulder at everything you do on your Internet connection ;)

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