Friday, June 01, 2007
Should I be scared..?

Just had a look to my statistics the other night and discovered something cool. Or should I be scared?

Someone (the name is the only thing I don’t have) in a military organisation read a post on June 1st this year at 17:15:38 (CET), namely the one about JFCCNW.

This organization, of which it’s domain was registered by verio.com (on 1998-03-27 and updated on 2006-04-11.), is no other then UNITED STATES TRANSPORTATION COMMAND !!!

I wonder if there is sitting someone there searching internet, checking what might be a threat. Can not be something serious since then I am sure it wouldn’t be so easy to track them. Or..?

“Hey boss, I found something interesting on the internet when doing my morning search. It’s this person called The Lone Codeman. Sounds suspicious to me... I’ll head over to the code cracking guys at X4-10 to look into possible suspects, then let them follow up and hand it over to the profiler guys.”

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